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Leadership Development

Your Influence and Their A-Game -Jun 10, 2017

Reading time – 39 seconds; Viewing time – 2:17  .  .  . The first test to determine if you’re a leader is to look over your shoulder to see if anyone is following. The second test is to identify whether they’re giving their best. Why that second question? Because everyone Read More

Star Trek -Apr 05, 2016

Reading time: 36 seconds

Five Leadership lessons from Captain James T. Kirk

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The Best Version -Sep 22, 2014

Reading time: 31 seconds

The Best Version of You.

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Push Back -Apr 03, 2014

Reading time: 23 seconds

What If It's You?

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A Festival of Culture -Mar 17, 2014

Reading time: 33 seconds

This Really Matters

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Thinking and Mousetraps -Dec 17, 2013

Reading time: 26 seconds

It's All About Thinking

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Boomer Blog – Part 2 -Sep 02, 2013

Reading time: 39 seconds

Wake It Up!

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Wisdom -Jun 11, 2013

Reading time: 39 seconds

Sometimes the accusations are chin scratchers.

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Dramatic Impactors -Jul 05, 2012

On others' followership Read More

What if . . . ? -Jul 05, 2012

What an honor! Read More

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