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WCEO-HQ Radio -Feb 21, 2014

Reading time: 19 seconds

A Spoonful Of Sugar

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Shut Down -Jan 28, 2014

Reading time: 19 seconds

What if there were no shutdown?

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Thinking and Mousetraps -Dec 17, 2013

Reading time: 26 seconds

It's All About Thinking

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Uncommon -Dec 06, 2013

Reading time: 38 seconds

Can you be so uncommon?

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Leading and Multitasking -Dec 02, 2013

Reading time – 27 seconds Several years ago the Insurance Institute of America did an extensive study focusing on the effect on safety of using a cell phone while driving.  Clearly, they were motivated to learn what, if any, effect there might be, since their member companies were paying the Read More

Who’s Listening? -Nov 05, 2013

Reading time: 38 seconds

It isn't about your brilliant solutions

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Ambassador José Adames -Oct 22, 2013

Reading time: 39 seconds

How about an ambassadorship?

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C.A.O. On A Scale of 1 – 10 -Oct 15, 2013

Reading time: 29 seconds

Rate yourself on the "CAO" scale

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It’s All About Me -Oct 07, 2013

Reading time: 24 seconds

No, really - Me!

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Boomer Blog – Part 3 (of 3) -Sep 24, 2013

Reading time: 37 seconds

Calling All Boomers

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