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Jeff Haas, CEO, Ideacom Communications Group

“I would have to say that you were the right guest speaker at the right time. The past two years in business have been difficult to say the least and as we have gone deeper into the economic slow down the stress levels get higher and one’s focus (mine) became, ‘How do we survive?’

“I am sure that you have heard this many times before, so there is no reason carry on, but put simply, my focus changed without me fully realizing it and that in turn threw my balance off. My world was off its axis which meant my compass wasn’t working and I couldn’t see True North. The end result, I became one crappy leader for my staff and I am sure a bad partner at home.

“So thanks for the . . . gentle nudge; I got the wake up call and am working on getting back on track.

“Also, and maybe most importantly, thanks for making me remember my WOW! moments.”

Jeff Haas, CEO
Ideacom Communications Group, Inc.
Verona, NJ

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