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Keeping the Best

What if 84% of workers are looking for a new job this year?

Studies tell us that a very high percentage of employees are biding their time until they can leave for what they think will be greater opportunity.  There is substantial discontent among workers and many have stayed where they are only because of business uncertainty or lack of opportunity.  Some of those people might be your best people.

What if you want those people to stay at your shop?

Your A-players are, by definition, very hard to replace, so you truly want them to stay.  Yet everyone is having to do more with less and often for fewer tangible rewards.

So, how will you keep your high performers and how will you keep them motivated?

That’s a challenge of our time, regardless of how well your business is performing and it is the focus of Keeping The Best.

Your high performers won’t stay any longer than necessary if they can’t get the leadership they need, so great leadership is the key to keeping those great people, and it’s the way to keep them motivated.

The surprising thing is how actionable Keeping The Best principles are for leaders.  These are powerful leadership tools for keeping your best people and to influence them to give their best.

In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Learn the Keeping The Best principles to keep and motivate high performing employees
  • Identify what they need to do to be the best leader for their best people
  • Create specific action steps for keeping their best people.


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